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OJ Simpson's Twitter Account Threatens Man With Knife Emoji, DMs 'You Next'

OJ Simpson's Official Twitter Account Threatens User With Knife Emoji

Listen to Clay Travis and the Outkick The Coverage crew debate a bizarre recent story reported on by The New York Post that alleges OJ Simpson’s official Twitter account sent menacing direct messages to an OJ parody account that included death threats and knife emojis.

No, this is not an Onion article… OJ Simpson made news this week for creating a Twitter account that had surpassed 700,000 followers as of Tuesday morning, as Simpson has already uploaded multiple videos of himself acknowledging his presence on the social media website.

An OJ Simpson parody account uploaded a video on Twitter Tuesday that displayed screenshots of a direct message conversation with what appeared to be OJ’s official account. The screenshots showed ‘@TheRealOJ32’ demanding the user delete his parody account of Simpson, one that largely mocks and trolls the former football star turned accused double-murderer. The messages took a quick turn when OJ’s account then sent DM's with lines like ‘I’ll find your ass one way or another’, ‘I’ve got nothing to lose’, and ‘you next’ with 16 knife emojis.

Simpson has yet to tweet since Sunday when he took to Twitter to deny the age-old rumors that he’s not Khloe Kardashian’s father, and no proof has been presented that shows the DM’s were even sent by Simpson himself.

Check out the audio above as Clay and the crew debate how legitimate the story really is.

WARNING: Videos below contain Bad Language.