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Chris Broussard and Rob Parker Talk the Future of the Black Baseball Player

Michigan Wolverines Baseball Coach Says They Purposely Recruit Diversity

Michigan Wolverines baseball coach Erik Bakich: “We think our roster should look like the United States of America. We target a lot of inner city kids. There are a lot of great athletes out there and we think it’s ridiculous –– the cost of travel ball and some of these showcases –– and think it negates opportunities for a lot of kids.”

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss the recent comments by Michigan Wolverines baseball coach Erik Bakich that mentioned how his program goes out of their way to compile a diverse roster of players when it comes to their recruiting targets.

Chris and Rob believe this was clearly a reference to recruiting African-American players, as baseball on all levels has seen a great decrease in the number of black players the last 20 years.

Check out the audio above as The Odd Couple hosts talk about the clear diversity hurdles in baseball that Michigan is effectively tackling, and also discuss the future of the black ballplayer in the United States.