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Ben Maller Says Dominican Police Are Lying About the David Ortiz Shooting

Ben Maller Says Dominican Police Are Lying About the David Ortiz Shooting

Ben Maller: “The Dominican Republic attorney general and national police director, the two guys who got up and spoke at this news conference, deserve an Oscar from The Academy. That was an Oscar-worthy performance! I know a BS artist when I see one and these guys were serving up plates of manure. Does anyone in the media have critical thinking??”

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he’s sensing an obvious cover-up in the David Ortiz shooting saga that has captivated the entire sports world the last week.

Plenty of rumors have been swirling around on the motives behind the senseless attack on the life of one of baseball’s most beloved ambassadors, but the authorities in the Dominican Republic have tried to tamp down many suspicions by adding a conspiracy theory of their own, that claims Ortiz was never the intended target.

Police announced Wednesday that the shooting went awry when the gunman accidentally thought Big Papi was somebody else and it was a classic case of a ‘mistaken identity’, adding that no one had any reason to want to hurt Ortiz.

The reports would obviously refute any of the theories that had arisen that connected Ortiz with a Dominican drug lord, and allegations that the shooting was ordered in response to Ortiz having an affair with the drug lord's wife.

Check out the audio above as Maller isn’t buying yesterday’s impromptu presser for one second, especially since the supposed chain of events has so many plot holes.