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Should the NBA Abolish the Draft?

Should the NBA Should Abolish the Draft?

Martin Weiss: “The NBA Draft is ridiculous. If you’re at the top of your sport at any other profession you get your pick of the litter whenever you want to go, whether it’s Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. Facebook doesn’t draft you in the first round and make you stay there for the next 7 years. Tanking would be completely obsolete and teams would have the incentive to not only make the playoffs, but build an attractive environment, like schools like North Carolina, Duke, and Kentucky do for 18-year-old kids. These NBA teams should have to make it attractive for these 20-year-olds to go to their team.”

Listen to Martin Weiss try to explain to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker why the NBA should abolish the Draft and let prospects freely choose where they want to sign.

Weiss says the NBA needs to look at its teams as companies, and says just like in the real world where adults pick and choose where they want to work, college players should have the same options too.

Check out the audio above and Chris and Rob quickly scramble to try and extinguish Martin’s hot take.