Did Zion Williamson Demand the New Orleans Pelicans Trade Anthony Davis?

Jason Smith: “Zion Williamson seemed really disappointed on Draft Lottery night but in RECENT days that quickly went away and he suddenly seems okay with being a Pelican. What has changed? Anthony Davis was traded. I’m going to proffer and say THIS would make all the behavior make sense: There was a power play where Zion said ‘This is MY team and we gotta trade Anthony Davis.’”

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thought it was a little peculiar that Zion Williamson went from lukewarm and disinterested after the NBA Draft lottery presented the New Orleans Pelicans with the number one pick, to suddenly crying tears of joy and rejoicing in becoming the city’s Native Son.

Jason believes there may have been some behind the scenes curriculars between Zion’s people and the New Orleans Pelicans’ front office concerning the team’s future plans with Anthony Davis.

Check out the audio above as Jason believes Zion may have told the team he’s not coming to New Orleans unless Anthony Davis is traded ASAP and he’s fully given the reigns to franchise.

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