Ric Bucher: NBA Owners and GM's Are Not Worried About Kevin Durant's Injury

Ric Bucher: “I understand the injury concern, but I have yet to talk to a team or a GM in the league both with a shot at him, or WITHOUT a shot at him who has said that they’re worried about what Kevin Durant is going to be when he comes back. Teams don’t need to rush him back and don’t need to have a timeline to get him back sooner than they need him.”

Listen to NBA insider and Draft analyst Ric Bucher join Doug Gottlieb (filling in for Colin Cowherd) on The Herd to talk about Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury heading into arguably the most important offseason in the history of the sport.

Most insiders around the NBA are speculating the Warriors, Knicks, and Nets to be the favorites to land KD, but there are obvious doubts to how much teams are willing to sacrifice towards their future for a guy coming off one of the most catastrophic injuries in the game that is often a killshot to the primes of star players’ careers.

Check out the audio above as Bucher actually tells Gottlieb that the injury will suit KD in the best possible way, considering his game isn’t based on explosive movements. Bucher says he hasn’t heard a single GM voice doubt about the potential of Durant’s game when he finally does return to the court.

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