Tampa Bay Rays 'Sharing' Franchise With Montreal is a Preposterous Idea

Ben Maller: “Pro sports franchises are not meant to be shared, it just doesn’t fit the business model anywhere. Polygamy might work in Utah, but it doesn’t work in professional sports!”

Listen to Ben Maller explain why the recent proposal that alleges the Tampa Bay Rays are contemplating ‘sharing’ a team with the city of Montreal in some sort of ‘two-city’ type stunt is one of the most asinine things he’s ever heard.

Under the rumored proposal, the Rays would play the first half of the season in the Tampa area (not indoors at Tropicana Field) while the Florida heat and humidity was not at extreme summer levels yet, and then finish off the second half of the season 1,500 miles north in Montreal, Canada.

Check out the audio above as Ben says no fan base in American sports would legitimately buy into sharing a team with another city, let alone one in an entirely different country.


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