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Chris Broussard: Kevin Durant Would Be a Knick If He Had Never Gotten Hurt

Would Kevin Durant be a Knick without his injury?
Chris Broussard: “Everyone is wondering ‘Why not the Knicks?’All this talk all year long that Kevin Durant was heading to the Knicks – I think it was legit that it was really going to happen. I think the injury changed everything.
I was talking with a plugged in person today and asked them ‘What would have happened if KD never had gotten injured?’ They said they think KD would have been able to convince Kyrie and they would have went to the Knicks. The Knicks’ plan was to max KD and Kawhi Leonard, then max a Kemba, Jimmy Butler or Kyrie Irving with those two. Once KD got hurt, now you’re looking at the prospect of ‘OK, we’ve got a whole year of just Kyrie as the leader in our locker room.’ The Knicks were hesitant about that. I don’t know if that got out to Kyrie or not, but he suddenly zeroed in on Brooklyn.”

NBA insider Chris Broussard joined The Herd to explain where it all went wrong for one of the most depressed franchises in sports, a day after the now-hopeless New York Knicks missed out on one of the biggest free agents in sports history.

Broussard told Colin Cowherd that he thinks Kevin Durant’s catastrophic Achilles tear that he suffered in Game 5 of the NBA Finals (and possibly a month before that), was 100% the reason the team wasn’t able to lure the 10-time All-Star.

Broussard believes the team’s offseason plan all along was to link Durant and Kawhi Leonard, and then go out and add a third max player the likes of Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, or Kemba Walker. When Durant ruptured his Achilles, he thinks the team panicked with the potential of Kyrie leading the locker room in a lost season for Durant, and completely scratched the plan.

Check out the audio below as Broussard explains why KD would be a Knick if the injury never happened.

Chris Broussard Says Kevin Durant Would Be a Knick If He Never Got Hurt