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Chris Broussard: Reports of Knicks Not Offering Durant Max Deal Aren't True

Why wasn't Kevin Durant offered a max deal from the Knicks?
Chris Broussard: “I don’t buy this spin that the Knicks weren’t offering Kevin Durant the max. In my conversations with them yesterday, they never gave any indications to KD’s camp that they WEREN'T going to give him the max. And he’s not even taking the max from Brooklyn, so I think that’s spin.”

NBA Insider Chris Broussard joined The Herd to talk about why negotiations deteriorated between free agent superstar Kevin Durant and the New York Knicks, as the once-frontrunning Knicks suddenly found themselves losing out to the crosstown Brooklyn Nets for one of the most important free agents in sports history.

The Nets seemingly swooped in out of nowhere and snatched Durant up, as the Knicks were left with their heads spinning on how arguably the most significant day in their franchise’s history went so awry so quickly.

Broussard told Colin Cowherd that Durant’s Achilles injury was the reason the Knicks didn’t get KD and says a healthy Durant would have talked Kyrie Irving into teaming up with him for the Knicks. The two good friends have notably been planning on playing together for the past couple seasons and were expected to be teammates next season no matter what franchise, but it was obvious the two candidates were the two New York teams

Most believed it would be KD dragging Kyrie to Madison Square Garden with him but the injury made that scenario much less likely, and culminated with KD giving into Kyrie's wishes.Chris says Irving wasn’t going to play for the Knicks by himself for a year.

As for the reports of the Knicks not willing to offer Durant a max contract, Broussard says those indications were fake news and simply spin on why the franchise failed on the two-time Finals MVP.

Check out the segment below.

Chris Broussard: Reports of Knicks Not Offering Durant Max Deal Aren't True