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Colin Cowherd Says the Brooklyn Nets Will Never Be a Great Team

Colin Cowherd is not buying the Brooklyn Nets as real contenders
Colin Cowherd: “Don’t confuse ‘interesting’ with ‘great’. I think Brooklyn will be interesting, I'll never think Kyrie, Durant, Spencer Dinwiddie, and DeAndre Jordan will be great. They’re going to be fascinating but they’re never going to be great. Kyrie has missed 66 games the last three years and has been never easy to coach or be a great leader without LeBron. KD has missed 48 games in three years, won’t play next year, and most believe will be only 85% off the Achilles injury. DeAndre Jordan? Don’t really get it, I think they acquired him to foul Joel Embiid. THEY’RE BUILT TO GET ATTENTION.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he’s not buying the re-tooled Brooklyn Nets as a serious contender a day after they made two transcendent transactions signing All-NBA free agents Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Colin says there is a big difference between ‘interesting’ and ‘great’, citing the Nets will surely be one of the most fascinating teams in the league and a perennial playoff squad, but not a realistic player to ever win the Eastern Conference.

Check out the audio below as Colin says KD and Kyrie are two fading winners in this league with Durant’s terrifying injury coupled with Kyrie’s sketchy leadership.

Colin Cowherd Says the Brooklyn Nets Will Never Be a Great Team