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Former NBA Player Says Kawhi Leonard Has Already Signed With Lakers

Is Kawhi Leonard taking his talents to the Lakers?
Reporter: “There is a rumor that Kawhi is leaning towards the Lakers.”
Ricky Davis: “Yea, he’s in the Lakers already, they signed him.”
Reporter: “They signed Kawhi??”
Ricky Davis: “Yes sir, yes sir. I don’t why he left but maybe he wanted to team up with LeBron.”

Former NBA player Ricky Davis broke some “news” Sunday that superstar free agent Kawhi Leonard had signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, as a frenetic beginning to free agency brought upon some of the most shocking NBA moves of the era.

Davis, a 12-year veteran infamously known for purposely shooting on the wrong basket to record a triple-double in the final seconds of a game in 2003, last played in the NBA in 2010, and was a teammate of LeBron James in 2004 during LeBron’s rookie season in Cleveland before Davis was traded to the Boston Celtics later in the year.

Sunday reports had Kawhi leaning towards signing with the Lakers, but as of noon, ET on Monday, there had been no official news on the two-time Finals MVP making a decision at this point.

With Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving, and Klay Thompson off the board, the crown jewel of free agency will be the last big domino to fall.