Kemba Walker Is an Upgrade over Kyrie Irving

Kemba Walker Is an Upgrade over Kyrie Irving

Ben Maller: "Kemba Walker is an upgrade over Kyrie Irving. Many people will tell you that Kyrie Irving is a better basketball player than Kemba Walker so how can this be an upgrade? I will tell you: Kemba Walker is not a malcontent. In fact, if you did a side by side comparison, Kemba Walker is Mr. Sunshine and he's filling the shoes of Mr. Unhappy. That's a win-win for the Celtics. They get a guy who's about as good who has a better attitude."

Ben Maller believes that new Celtics signing Kemba Walker is actually an upgrade over the outbound Kyrie Irving. Ben points to both Walker's reliability and attitude as to why he's actually the better choice.

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