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New York Knicks Were Smart Not to Offer Kevin Durant a Max Contract

Doug Gottlieb: "I believe the Knicks are actually making the smartest decision in the history of the James Dolan run franchise...

For a guy that's been burned 15 times over by overpaying for an asset which is not right because of injury, I don't think it's crazy to NOT offer Kevin Durant the max contract. Whereas the Brooklyn Nets are being championed, today but let me know when Kyrie Irving becomes the type of leader you want to run your franchise to a championship..."

Doug Gottlieb thinks the Knicks are actually better off not signing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Kevin Durant may never be the same after his injury and Kyrie is a pain. Sometimes the best thing that can happen is an unanswered prayer and Doug thinks the Knicks are better off in the long run.