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Doug Gottlieb Calls Out Colin Kaepernick For Axing Nike's Betsy Ross Shoe

Doug Gottlieb called out Colin Kaepernick
Doug Gottlieb: “What are we doing here exactly? It’s okay to study and celebrate history and understand that years ago we were flawed. Although we had different ideals of what freedom was it doesn’t mean we run away from every historic symbol. I’m sorry, but a Betsy Ross inspired flag is not offensive and has never been offensive. When we continue to react to the smallest number of people what you end up doing is the opposite of the intended effect. All you’re doing is bring attention to yourself, you’re not changing any problems. The more you bring political thought in sports, especially from people who don’t have well-rounded political thought, the more you’re going to push people away. I don’t know anyone alive who looked at the Betsy Ross flag and thought ‘That’s offensive.’ I’m offended that someone would be offended over that flag.”

Listen to Doug Gottlieb call out Colin Kaepernick after the polarizing former NFL quarterback reportedly played a major part in Nike axing the release of a Betsy Ross inspired sneaker that would have been released right before the Fourth of July.

Hours before the shoes would have gone to market, Kaepernick allegedly convinced Nike that the shoes were a racist symbol and linked with slavery.

Nike would then cave to the demands and ask vendors to pull the stores from their shelves.

Gottlieb explains why the country cannot continue wilting to the shoddy demands of a perpetually outraged group of people who wake up every morning with the goal of creating something false narrative to complain about.

Check out the audio below as Gottlieb details why just because one person says something is offensive, doesn’t mean it actually is.

Doug Gottlieb Calls Out Colin Kaepernick For Axing Nike's Betsy Ross Shoe