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Ric Bucher: Warriors Retiring Kevin Durant's Jersey Reeks of Desperation

Was it necessary for the Warriors to retire Kevin Durant's number?
Colin Cowherd: “What do you make of the Warriors retiring Kevin Durant’s number?”
Ric Bucher: “Don’t sue us? It’s trying to wrestle the narrative. I’ve never seen a championship team looked at as the model of the league, then fall as precipitously as this one has. The amount of bad publicity that they have received over the last 3-4 weeks – I’ve never seen anything this dramatic. This KD thing is a massive overreaction. Why do you have to announce NOW that you’re going to retire Kevin Durant’s number after three years?? He just went out the door and left you. This is so dramatic. You can argue Andre Iguodala has done more for that franchise and there is no whisper of his number being retired. This is a massive overreaction to try and create a sense of ‘all is good’ when clearly all is not.”

Listen to NBA Insider Ric Bucher join The Herd to discuss why he thinks the Golden State Warriors retiring Kevin Durant’s jersey number was a massive overreach and a knee jerk reaction to try and control the bad press they have gotten the past three weeks.

Whether it was the handling of Durant’s Achilles injury or Andre Iguodala’s scathing interview on The Breakfast Club, Bucher told Colin Cowherd that one of the most competent franchises in sports has suddenly been reduced to the tabloids.

Bucher thinks the team retiring Durant’s number was such a PR stunt to try and reverse all the bad press of their splintering narrative.

Check out the audio below as Bucher believes there’s more to the story than the Warriors suddenly getting the urge to retire a guy’s number who just dumped them for Kyrie Irving.

Ric Bucher: Warriors Retiring Kevin Durant's Jersey Reeked of Desperation