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Clay Travis Says Colin Kaepernick Getting His Way is Awful For America

Colin Kaepernick billboard in New York City
Clay Travis: “If you don’t like someone’s radio show, choose not to listen to it. If you don’t like someone’s television show, choose not to watch it. If you don’t like someone’s book, don’t read it. But don’t try and stop other people who DO like it. I get really upset when somebody says ‘that show shouldn’t exist’, ‘that book shouldn’t exist’, or ‘that shoe shouldn’t exist’. If you don’t like something don’t buy it, but you shouldn’t have the ability to cancel something and disallow other people who might like it.”

Listen to Clay Travis explain why Colin Kaepernick’s role in Nike cancelling the release of a Betsy Ross inspired flag shoe is a terrible route for the company to take considering it adds to a ‘cancel-culture’ Clay believes the United States is embracing, where a tiny, ill-informed portion of the population has the ability to censor things they don’t approve of.

Clay thinks the vast majority of America had no problem with the patriotic shoes that would have been released right around the Fourth of July that would have honored what many historians believe to be the country’s first flag.

Check out the audio below as Clay explains why individuals like Colin Kaepernick are a terrible influence on American culture.

Clay Travis Says Colin Kaepernick Favors Censorship