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There Are Too Many Home Runs in Major League Baseball

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Rob Parker: “I had former slugger Cecil Fielder on my podcast, a guy who hit over 50 home runs one season and hit balls out of the old Tiger Stadium – He said there’s too many home runs and he can’t even recognize baseball with all the home runs. He thinks it’s because guys are literally swinging from their heels knowing that strikeouts don’t matter like they used to, and believes the analytics are out of whack.”

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss Major League Baseball starting to feature home runs as the most signature part of its game, as a rampant home run craze has seen the sport completely change its culture in a matter of years.

Not only are home runs leaving the yard at a record pace, but it’s such a severe slope upwards that it’s beginning to compromise how the game is played.

Chris and Rob think baseball is entering into dangerous territory for a sport that has become a lot of home runs, a lot of strikeouts, and a lot of walks, and not a lot in-between.

Check out the audio below as Rob and Chris think the home run surge could lead commissioner Rob Manfred having to focus on rule changes that could open up other facets of the game.

There Are Too Many Home Runs in Major League Baseball