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Jason Whitlock on How He Predicted Kawhi Leonard Would Join the Clippers

Clay Travis had on host of FS1's Speak For Yourself, Jason Whitlock to talk about his winning prediction on where Kawhi Leonard would take his talents.

Clay Travis: What made you think that the Clippers were still alive and might be able to make a play for Kawhi Leonard?

Jason Whitlock: Kawhi Leonard had made it crystal clear that he wanted to come home to Los Angeles, so that's one factor. The second factor is, if he wants to come home, the Lakers have Anthony Davis and LeBron James...what's the delay? Just say, "Hey, I'm going to the Lakers." And then I also believe that Toronto got lucky winning the World Championship and though Kawhi won't say it, I think he knows they got lucky. It took a boat-load of injuries for Golden State to lose that title. It took one of the greatest, luckiest shots in the history of basketball for Toronto to make it out of the second round and beat Philadelphia. I think Kawhi Leonard is smart enough to look around at that team that he had around him in Toronto and say, "Run this back? We can't win another championship here." Plus there was just no reason (if he was headed back to Toronto) why he'd delay. If the guy wants to go to LA and he keeps delaying, it just kept making more sense that he's just giving the Clippers time to get a second superstar to play alongside him...

Here's what Whitlock said on FS1's Speak For Yourself.