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Mitchell Trubisky is the Most Popular Bet to Win 2019 NFL MVP

Mitch Trubisky for NFL MVP
Ben Maller: “This is CRAZY. This has gone from a really terrible wager at 200-1 to a ‘if you make this wager you should have SUCKER tattooed on your forehead’ type wager. Trubisky had a nice season last year, but nothing indicates in his body of work that he's about to mushroom into some kind of MVP talent. You’re hanging out with Snoop Dogg smoking the sticky-icky-icky if you think that.”

Listen to Ben Maller discuss Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky emerging as Vegas’ most popular pick to win the 2019 NFL MVP as Trubisky's opening 200-1 odds became a popular bet to jump on for zealous gambler looking for a bold pick.

According to the sportsbook Westgate, Trubisky made up 17% of all NFL MVP bets and 22% of the money wagered. The tidal wave of Trubisky love made the lines fall all the way from 200-1 to 50-1, and then dropping even lower to 30-1.

The 24-year-old went 11-3 during his second season as the Bears starter, threw 24 touchdowns compared to 12 interceptions, and also completed 66.6% of his throws.

Even more impressive, the former no. 1 overall pick in 2016 finished third in the league in total QBR.

Despite the bold bettors, Maller says Trubsky doesn’t pass the eye test and thinks you’re wasting your money trying to jump on a bandwagon that’s way too good to be true.

Check out the audio below as Maller tries to talk down any Trubisky fanboys and fangirls.

Mitchell Trubisky is the Most Popular Bet to Win 2019 NFL MVP