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Player Movement and Empowerment Has Yet to Kill the NBA

Player Movement Hasn't Killed the NBA

Since LeBron James opted to jump to Miami to create a 'super-team,' many NBA fans have lived in fear as LeBron James developed a track-record of ruling the Eastern Conference with star-studded players. Much of that came to a halt when the Warriors recruited Kevin Durant and substantially diminished LeBron James' hope to repeat after securing the Cleveland Cavaliers their first NBA Championship. But there's no doubt Kevin Durant on the Warriors sent criticism towards Durant and the NBA with detractors claiming a lack of competitive balance.

After Kawhi Leonard made the jump to the Clippers over the Lakers over the weekend, Colin Cowherd now makes the case that the fearmongers need to relax. In a league that now boasts up to 10 loaded, legitimate NBA Playoff teams, It's time for all fearmongers to turn their attention away from "NBA Stars in Big Cities" and point that concern at the dynasties of College Football.