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Kevin Durant's Brand Manager: 'No One Wants to Play With Russell Westbrook'

Golden State Warriors v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Four
Randy Williams: “No one wants to Play with Russ! Everyone blames everyone one else expect him! When it comes to the Thunder Losing! People have Bad Basketball mixed up with Loyalty! Russ is all about Russ! He’s more worried about Stats vs Playing Winning Basketball! Everyone can say what they Want! But Owners & GMs in the NBA know the Real about Russell & his Style of Play! So Fans can say what they Want! But moving Forward to the Future! OKC will have to Trade Russ & He will have to become a Better Player/Teammate! He can Keep that Intensity & Competitiveness! But reality has set in! NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY WITH HIM!!!!!”
Stephen Jackson: "There are so many guys that don't care about the game, that don't show passion for the game... I've never heard James Harden, KD or any other teammate say 'I can't play with Russ.'"

Randy Williams, officially denoted as Kevin Durant’s ‘brand ambassador’ leveled Durant’s former teammate Russell Westbrook on Saturday night, leaving a scathing rant on an Instagram post made by Bleacher Report titled ‘last man standing’ that showed Westbrook with different teammates who are no longer with the franchise.

Williams, who’s been a close friend of Durant for some time, dropped a lengthy paragraph on why NBA players want no part of Westbrook, saying the All-Star only cares about stats and doesn’t play ‘winning basketball’.

The post was minutes after it was reported that Paul George had been traded from the Thunder to the Los Angeles Clippers, and is still has yet to be deleted off BR’s page as of Tuesday afternoon.

Despite Westbrook amazingly averaging a triple-double the last three seasons, he has established himself a sour reputation of hindering the growth of his teammates, with many of them flourishing as soon as they got away from him. Former teammate James Harden became an MVP without him, Durant won two championships once he left OKC, Victor Oladipo became an All-Star in Indiana right after his time on the Thunder ended, and most recently George steered away from Westbrook to form a super team with Kawhi Leonard on the Clippers.

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson went on The Herd w/ Colin Cowherd Tuesday to try and tamp down the situation and defend Westbrook, saying how he’s never once heard a single player ever use language that was anywhere close to what Williams was implying.

Check out the full segment below: