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Los Angeles Lakers Say LeBron James Will Now Be the Starting Point Guard

Los Angeles Lakers v LA Clippers
Colin Cowherd: “For all of Kobe Bryant’s gifts, his game was his game. LeBron has always been great at adapting and is great at pivoting. He’s constantly evolving his game and moving to point guard is perfect for him. Of the many gifts LeBron has: Chapter 1 – he may be the best we’ve ever seen. Chapter 2 – he was almost never hurt. Chapter 3 – he’s an early adapter. He’s a got a big, he’s got wings, they ‘ve got a bunch of shooters now, this move will be easy for him. Lebron at point guard may struggle to stop some of the tiny and quick guys, but hes gonna be a handful to deal with if you have to face him.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the Los Angeles Lakers' recent decision to tab LeBron James as the starting point guard is just another reason LeBron is one of the greatest players in history.

Colin says LeBron has had an unprecedented knack to evolve his game and adapt to trends of the current basketball landscape, citing how other All-Star players like Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard never had the disposition to alter their games.

News of a position change for arguably the greatest basketball player ever should be a BIG DEAL, but Colin thinks the move will be a simple transition for LeBron and explains why he’s one of the most adaptive athletes in sports history.

Check out the audio below as Colin says LeBron at the point is going to be a handful to opposing teams for a reloaded Lakers team with Anthony Davis and a new fleet of long range bombers.

Lakers Say LeBron James Will Now Be the Starting Point Guard