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Colin Cowherd Says Cam Newton Will Never Be An Elite Quarterback Again

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Colin Cowherd: “I’ve always compared Cam Newton to Russell Westbrook. Beyond the flare, athleticism, and wardrobe they’re really independent people who think differently and see the world differently. The problem is that sometimes your profession moves towards you and sometimes it moves AWAY from you and I think it’s moved away from Westbrook and Cam. Westbrook is super athletic but the league is now about shooting and that’s not who he is. Cam has always been about size, arm, home runs, mobility, and athleticism… The game has moved into a precision era and you can’t ask Cam to be a 70% completion guy. He’s a let-it rip-guy whose mechanics have never been good.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss former NFL wide receiver Nate Burleson’s recent comments regarding Cam Newton returning to MVP form next season.

The former player turned analyst said he believes Cam can evolve his game in the second half of his career much like Michael Jordan did late in his career when he established his turnaround jump shot to make up for his waning explosiveness.

Burleson says he believes Newton can ‘get back into MVP mode’ if he becomes more of a passer than a physical threat.

Colin, however, thinks Cam is the NFL’s version of Russell Westbrook: A super athletic phenom who is going to live by his explosiveness and DIE by explosiveness.

Colin says both Newton and Westbrook are both glitzy guys who think independently and change is just not possible for them.

Check out the audio below as Colin says Newton’s playing style is being left behind in a revolutionary era of precision passing… Much like Westbrook got left behind in an era of long-range shooting.

Colin Cowherd Says Cam Newton Will Never Be An Elite Quarterback Again