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Slam Dunk Contest Needs to Offer Huge Prize Money Like the Home Run Derby

T-Mobile Home Run Derby
Clay Travis: “If you contemplate how big the NBA salaries are it looks ridiculous that you only pay $100,000 to the winner of the Dunk Contest compared to $1,000,000 for the Home Run Derby champion. You gotta give Major League Baseball credit for getting their biggest stars into the Home Run Derby most of the time. The dunk contest needs to be represented by guys who are not only really good dunkers, but really good dunkers that you and I would know and care about. The MLB is putting on a bigger show featuring its greatest stars than the NBA is. Adam Silver needs to be putting up substantial dollars to the biggest stars to be willing to put themselves into the Dunk Contest.”

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the swinging success of the Home Run Derby and why Major League Baseball’s decision to award the HRD champion with a one million dollar grand prize will greatly invigorate the contest for years to come.

Clay says the Home Run Derby has lapped the NBA Slam Dunk Contest because it features the game’s best players, unlike the Dunk Contest which is usually undersold bench players who just happened to be incredible dunkers.

Clay says Adam Silver and the league needs to look into offering the same lucrative grand prize to its Dunk Contest winners to lure actual All-Stars to compete in the event.

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Slam Dunk Contest Needs to Offer Huge Prize Money Like the Home Run Derby