Colin Cowherd Ranks His Top 10 NBA Teams After Free Agency

Los Angeles Lakers v LA Clippers

NBA’s Top 10 Teams post free agency according to Colin Cowherd:

10. Celtics: “I don’t think they can win a championship because they lost too much offense. They lost Al Horford, Kyrie Irving, Terry Rozier, and Marcus Morris. They’re good, but chemistry can only get you so far.”

9. Rockets: “Not a championship team either. We have a pattern of James Harden looking great in January, but getting exhausted by May.”

8. Blazers: “They’re not a championship team today, but could be down the road if they can move Hassan Whiteside for a Kevin Love type player at the four who can hit a jumper.”

7. Nuggets: “Very close to being a championship team. Nikola Jokic is Arvydas Sabonis in his prime and Jamal Murray is a very good shooter but they need another guy.”

6. Sixers: “They’re gonna be great defensively but it’s a shooting league and they’ve let too many points go to last few years.”

5. Jazz: “I love their chemistry, coach, bench, backcourt, and shooters. But they need someone on the Lakers to be a little dysfunctional or someone on the Clippers to not be as good.”

4. Lakers: “They have LeBron and AD but they have a lot of guys who can’t create, can’t shoot, are too old, or can’t defend.”

3. Warriors: “They don’t have any wings and their bench isn’t as good but I’m sorry, new arena, new energy, Draymond, Looney, Steph, Klay, D’Angelo, and Willie Cauley-Stein is a championship team.”

2. Bucks: “Very good coach and very good culture and they’re only going to get better. They’re gonna win a lot of games by 15 and not have to play Giannis a lot.”

1. Clippers: “I get a great coach, great bench, depth, Lou Williams can shoot, Beverley can defend, and Kawhi & Paul George are 2 of the top 3 two-way players in the league. They shouldn’t be an overwhelming favorite but everything fits here.”

Watch the video below for the FULL take.


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