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Clay Travis Blasts U.S. Senators Demanding Equal Gender Pay Across Sports

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Clay Travis: “Anyone out there with a functional brain that compares the WNBA and the NBA should not be allowed to be a Senator in the United States. You should have to resign for being too dumb. Are we going to argue that Lingerie Football players deserve the same salary as the NFL players too?? You are paid in life based on how much you make for the company you work for or for the company you have founded. The WNBA only exists because the NBA wants it to exist and financially does not make money. If you think women’s basketball players are underpaid then go support their games, buy season tickets, buy their jerseys, and buy league passes. The fact we have all these people out here arguing the women’s soccer team, who made $131 million at the World Cup, deserves to be paid as much as the men, who made $6 billion, is insanity. The men make 60 times more in the World Cup than the women do. Learn basic math and basic economics, and if you can't then resign from the Senate, you idiots."

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the recent comments from two sitting U.S. Senators Jacky Rosen (Nevada) and Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota) concerning the sweeping ‘Equal Pay’ quandary in men’s and women’s athletics that has been spawned from the United States Women’s National Team suing the United State Soccer Federation for discrimination because of the difference in salaries of the women compared to the U.S. men’s team.

The topic has always stayed in the realms of international soccer with the women’s team having a seemingly legitimate case considering the immense amount of popularity they carry to their brand, but Rosen and Klobuchar recently sent a letter to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation demanding a hearing into why female athletes across ALL sports are paid less than their male counterparts.

One of their main causes of concern was professional basketball, citing how the MAXIMUM salary in the WNBA was $115,000 while the MINIMUM salary in the NBA was $582,180.

Clay says there couldn't have been a much worse example for these two senators to cite, considering the NBA is a multi-billion dollar league with gargantuan television deals and global stars whereas the WNBA has notably been in financial peril the last decade.

Check out the audio below as Clay rips the two senators apart, saying they might as well resign from their positions if they're willing to put their names to a such a nonsensical chain of thought.

Clay Travis Blasts U.S. Senators Demanding Equal Gender Pay Across Sports