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Colin Cowherd Predicts the 2019 Cleveland Browns Season

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
Colin Cowherd: “David Njoku said Odell Beckham Jr. has been a ‘phenomenal fit with Cleveland.’ It’s July, EVERYBODY fits in July. The Cleveland organization and the Cleveland players have become like a teenager girl on Instagram and keep projecting how great everything is. The truth is, Cleveland is going to be the easiest team in the league to figure out this year.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd predict the 2019 Cleveland Browns season as the once dormant franchise who was nicknamed ‘The Factory of Sadness’ has quickly become one of the most fascinating teams in sports with the emergence of rookie sensation Baker Mayfield, and the acquisition of star-studded pop culture phenomenon Odell Beckham Jr.

The team has saturated the offseason headlines more than any team with a league with a tabloid-rich mixture of inner grumblings, scathing soundbites, glowing optimism, and impeccable projections. Just a year removed from the team’s appearance on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’, it seems like the team has completely forgotten that they don’t need to still be going out of their way to radiate dramatics.

Check out the video below as Colin predicts what the 2019 season will bring to a Browns team that some have even labeled as dark horse Super Bowl contenders.