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EA Sports Officially Releases NFL Player Ratings For Madden 2020

EA Sports Madden NFL 12 Photo Shoot

EA Sports revealed its newest players ratings in the upcoming Madden 20 game for the legendary video game franchise that has been annually released before every NFL season since 1989.

The beloved football series that has sold nearly 200 million copies and amassed billions of dollars in sales has recently put itself atop the NFL offseason storylines the last few seasons with the highly anticipated release of its player rankings for the upcoming season.

Notable players have always made light of their rankings, usually in harmless and comedic forms, but sometimes even in antagonistic ways.

Here are the biggest revelations from Monday’s release:

*Aaron Donald, DeAndre Hopkins, Khalil Mack, and Bobby Wagner are the four players to receive 99 ratings.

*Patrick Mahomes (97), Tom Brady (96), Philip Rivers (94), Drew Brees (92), and Andrew Luck (92) are the top five rated quarterbacks.

*DeAndre Hopkins (99), Antonio Brown (98), Julio Jones (98), Odell Beckham Jr (96), and Michael Thomas (95) are the top five rated wide receivers.

*Todd Gurley (97), Ezekiel Elliott (94), Le’Veon Bell (92), Melvin Gordon (92), Saquon Barkley (91) and Christian McCaffrey are the top five rated running backs.

*Tyreek Hill is listed as the fastest player in the NFL (99).

*Josh Allen has the highest throw power in the NFL (99).

*Aaron Donald has the highest strength rating (99).

*David Bakhtiari, Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, Aaron Donald, Frank Gore, DeAndre Hopkins, Travis Kelce, Luke Kuechly, Khalil Mack, Von Miller, Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, and JJ Watt were the only players with a 99 awareness rating.

*Notable Rookies: Kyler Murray (73), Dwayne Haskins (72), Quinnen Williams (80), Nick Bosa (78), Josh Allen (77).

Saints tight end Zach Wood was rated the worst player in the game (36).