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Jerry West Says He Had 'Very Small Role' Bringing Kawhi Leonard to Clippers

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Dan Patrick: “What role did you play in bringing Kawhi Leonard to town?”
Jerry West: “Very small, okay? I just had a voice. Our front office is really terrific and was on top of this thing the whole way.
Dan Patrick: “You don’t want any credit for this, do you?”
Jerry West: “No, not at all. I should get very little at all. I’ve gotten far too much credit in my life.”

Listen to NBA legend and Los Angeles Clippers executive Jerry West discuss how the Clippers pulled off one of the biggest power moves in sports history by acquiring superstar wings Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the same night.

The always humble West, who’s often considered the greatest general manager in NBA history, explains why Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has put together such an impeccable group of minds in the team’s front office that has steered the Clippers from the biggest joke in North American sports into a NBA Finals frontrunner for the 2019/2020 season.

Check out the interview below as West details to Dan Patrick how the Clippers pulled off the shocking sequence of events and why the Clippers went from a team on the outside looking in for Kawhi, to his top destination.