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WNBA Player Natasha Howard Accused of Stabbing Her Wife

WNBA Finals - Game Three
Seattle Storm: "The organization is aware of the recent allegations against Natasha. We are in communication with the league and looking into them. Natasha will play in the game tonight."

Seattle Storm All-Star forward Natasha Howard has been accused of domestic violence by her wife Jackie, as Howard’s wife posted disturbing pictures and videos to Twitter over the weekend revealing graphic physical injuries to her face, arms, and legs that are alleged to have been caused by the 6’2” Howard who was recently selected to start in the upcoming WNBA All-Star Game on July 27th.

Howard’s wife leaked screen shots of texting conversations between herself and Howard that contained frightening accusations of Howard stabbing her in the chest and leg, with Howard allegedly texting back ‘I will tell the cops you cut me’ and ‘I have them (the cops) in my pocket’ with Jackie messaging back ‘The fact that you would lie on me and you just stabbed me in the chest and leg I should tell the truth!! You’re sick in the head!! Leave me alone.’”

Howard’s wife also posted screenshots between herself and Storm general manager Alisha Valavanis and Howard’s agent that showed both parties acknowledging that severe domestic abuse allegations had been levied against Howard, detailing their increasingly toxic relationship.

Howard’s wife blasted the WNBA for not taking her allegations seriously and allowing Howard to continue playing, and also was critical of her team and agent going out of their way to ‘protect’ Howard.

As of Monday night, Howard has not been suspended or deactivated by the Storm or the WNBA. The former Florida State Seminole is averaging 17.6 points and 8.5 rebounds.