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Atlantic League Player Becomes First Person to Ever 'Steal' First Base

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York Yankees, Game 2

We are already starting to see a big shift in baseball we have never seen yet.

The MLB partnered with the independent Atlantic League this season to test out rules that include banning the shift, using radar tracking to help call balls and strikes, and moving the mound back and more.

The robot umpires made their debut at the Atlantic League All-Star Game on Wednesday and shortly after, the league announced a ruling for the ability of batters to steal first base on any pitch the catcher doesn't catch. It was an expansion of the dropped third strike rule which allows batters to reach first when a called third strike is dropped behind the plate.

Tony Thomas of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs made history on Saturday and became the first player in baseball history to try out the new rule and stole first base. When an 0-1 pitch sailed past the Barnstormers' catcher to the backstop, Thomas took off for first base and was awarded the stolen base.

Thomas would end up scoring later in the inning to give the Blue Crabs a 1-0 advantage on the way to a victory.

The play will be scored as a 'stolen base' in the official statistics.

Photo: Blue Crabs Broadcast Network