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Golden Tate: Matt Stafford, Not Russell Wilson, is Best QB I've Played With

Seattle Seahawks v Detroit Lions
Golden Tate: “Stafford has been the best quarterback I’ve played with. The guy can flat out play. He’s tough, his attitude is amazing, and he just wants to play ball. It’s almost unfair that he doesn’t have a ring to show for it. Over his career, if you put him in a different organization, maybe things are different. Because I’ve played with some guys over my years that I’ve won playoff games with that I don’t think are as good.”
Colin Cowherd: “This is not a take, it’s a hill you’re going to die on alone. When you’re great you MAKE the organization. This is not a debate who is better, it’s a shot at Russell Wilson. Passer rating: not close, Wilson. Losing seasons: Russell has never had one. Stafford has double the interceptions. Matt has never been good enough to elevate the organization, which is what the transformative guys do.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd comment on a recent interview New York Giants wide receiver Golden Tate had with WDIV in Detroit that spoke glowingly of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford that obviously turned into a shot at Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Tate, who spent four and half seasons with the Lions between 2014 and 2018 before being traded the Eagles midway through 2018, had a Pro Bowl season in 2014 with the Lions and had three 1,000-yard seasons as the team’s no. 2 wide receiver to Calvin Johnson.

For the Seahawks, Tate averaged just 548.8 yards per season in four years, with two of the those years (2012, 2013) coming with Wilson, but it also included the Super Bowl Championship year of 2013.

Check out the audio below as Colin takes great exception to Tate calling Stafford ‘the best quarterback I’ve ever played’ and ‘put him in a different organization and maybe things are different.’ Colin says that’s not how it works with QB’s and says that the quarterback literally makes the entire team wherever they end up playing at.

Golden Tate: Matt Stafford, Not Russell Wilson, is Best QB I've Played With