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Colin Cowherd Says 22 NFL Teams Have a Chance to Win the Super Bowl

The Tostitos Cantina At Super Bowl LIVE In Atlanta, Georgia
Colin Cowherd: “There are six teams in the NFL that should be Super Bowl favorites: Patriots, Chiefs, Colts, Eagles, Rams, and Chargers. Then there’s 11 teams that hover around the bubble that may need a break in scheduling or stay healthier than other teams to have a chance: Falcons, Vikings, Titans, Steelers, Saints, 49ers, Seahawks, Bears, Packers, Cowboys, and the Texans. Their personnel is good enough to win. Then there’s five other teams that are talented enough that their fan base can lie to themselves and they ‘think’ they can win the Super Bowl: Browns, Jaguars, Jets, Panthers, and Ravens. Those teams are good enough that their fans can have two Bud Lights are ague they can win it. This is why the NFL continues to be KING.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain exactly why the National Football League is the most popular sport in the United States as they deliver a product where literally 2/3 of the league goes into each season thinking they have a chance to compete for a Super Bowl.

Colin lists 22 teams that have a ‘chance’ to win it all. Six favorites who have a strong shot to contend, 11 teams who can contend but need a lot of luck, and then another five who are longshots, but ones that boast fan bases that literally believe they have the players to go all the way.

Check out the audio below as Colin says no league can sell hope and optimism quite like the NFL.

Colin Cowherd Says 22 NFL Teams Have a Chance to Win the Super Bowl