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Hossein Ensan Captures $10 Million Purse For Winning World Series of Poker

Hossein Ensan Takes Home $10 Million Purse For Winning World Series of Poker

Hossein Ensan, a 55-year-old poker player from Germany has added a nice bracelet to his jewelry collection in addition to the $10 million in prize money after he defeated Dario Sammartino in heads-up action to win the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event Wednesday morning.

Ensan battled his way through 8,568 other players to make the final table where he held off second-place winner, Dario Sammartino (who took home $6 million), after eight hours and 100 hands of grueling poker during the 10th and final day of competition held at the Rio in Las Vegas.

The final hand of the night began very well with Ensan after he was dealt pocket kings in the big blind while runner-up Sammartino did what he could with suited 8 4 of spades. The flop revealed a 10 s 2 d 6 s board, giving Sammartino a flush and backdoor straight draws. Ensan bet out 15 million on the flop, which Sammartino quickly called. The turn card of a 9c gave Sammartino a bit more hope as he developed a gutshot straight draw, giving him additional outs against Ensan's made hand. Sammartino checked his draws, and Ensan pounced, betting 33 million, making it a total of 89 million in the pot. Sammartino decided to take his chance, and pushed all in, forcing Ensan to reconsider his position.

Ensan called the massive bet with his pocket kings. The river bricked with a Qc and Ensan was crowed the 2019 Main Event champion.

"It’s unbelievable, I cannot understand this moment," Ensan told ESPN. "After 10 days, I am excited. I must go to sleep and wake up, and then maybe I'll know I have the bracelet.

Ensan had been hot the last few days of the event, ending Days 8 and 9 as its chipleader. By the time he ended up at the final table, the 55-year-old poker player had amassed an impressive stack of $177 million. The back and forth battle on the final table saw his chip stack diminish somewhat, but Ensan was able to battle back through the night, ultimately winning the event with his pocket kings.

He's now the third player to win a $10 million purse at the Main Event, after two previous winners (Jamie Gold in 2005 winning $12 million and Martin Jacobsen pulling in $10 million in 2014). The 8,568 players made 2019 the second largest field in Main Event history. Players ponied up $10,000 to play the ten-day event hosted at the Rio in Las Vegas.

"This is a big prize in my career. I’m so happy. I thank my fans at home in Germany, also in Iran (where he was born). And my buddies here," Ensan added of his win.

You can watch the final hand play out below: