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Six-Year-Old Baseball Manager Gets Tossed From Game in Hysterical Fashion

Six-Year-Old Summer League Baseball Coach Flips Out After Umpire Ejects Him

The Kalamazoo Growlers, a summer collegiate baseball team in the Northwoods League, have had an honorary coach for the past few weeks and he seems to love the spotlight. Six-year-old coach Drake has been known for his serious demeanor when he walks out onto the field.

Coach Drake was not happy after the umpires ruled an outfielder for the opposing Wisconsin Woodchucks made a diving catch. The ball appeared to hit the ground, but the runner was ruled out anyway. Drake marched out onto the field and had a few words with the home plate umpire.

He wagged his finger at the ump and then started kicking dirt over his shoes. That was enough for the umpire, who ejected the pint-size coach. Drake wasn't done and walked back to the dugout where he grabbed a couple of bats and tossed them onto the field.

He threw two more bats onto the field and then dumped a bucket of baseballs next to the bats. He then walked over to home plate and threw his hat down before finally heading back to the locker room.

Drake will likely be punished by league officials following his tirade.

“Drake is awaiting punishment from the league and is likely to face a multi-game ban as well as a fine garnished from his allowance,” the Growlers’ front office said in a press release.