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Ben Maller: Rich Paul Sabotaged Marcus Morris' Clippers Deal to Help LeBron

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Ben Maller responding to Marcus Morris' rebuttal tweet: “Three words and a period?? I’m actually offended by the period! If this report was wrong why are you bringing attention to it?? He doesn’t want his old agent Rich Paul, who he fired by the way, to be celebrated for this so he’s trying to downplay it. Either he’s lying or he has Enron as his financial advisors and would rather have $15 million than $40 million. If this was completely innocuous then why would you get rid of Rich Paul??”

Fox Sports Radio host Ben Maller made headlines on Wednesday when he did a segment on his show hinting that notable NBA agent Rich Paul, known for being LeBron James’ childhood friend, sabotaged free agent forward Marcus Morris’ deal with the Los Angeles Clippers to prevent the rival Lakers from acquiring another long forward at James’ expense.

Maller said this of Rich Paul on Wednesday:

"Rich Paul is a glorified sock puppet for King James and so he has a vested interest in protecting the golden goose… He’s a nobody who became a somebody for riding LeBron’s coattails. Clearly, he was not looking out in the best interests of his client, Morris, but in the best interests of his boss, LeBron. Morris, back in his day with the Celtics, had given LeBron some problems, so it would make sense if you’re Rich Paul you don’t want this guy playing for the Clippers.”

Morris recently signed a one-year contract with the New York Knicks worth $15 million, but had mysteriously turned down more lucrative offers earlier in the week, including a $41 million offer from the Los Angeles Clippers, as reported by Yahoo Sports.

After the obvious financial blunder, Morris abruptly parted ways with his agent, Rich Paul, which led to theories on what the heck happened along the way for Morris to lose out on $26 million, while the outspoken agent lost his client.

After a Lakers fan account tagged Morris’ official Twitter account with a Maller-quoted tweet from Fox Sports Radio’s Twitter account, Morris responded with a requoted tweet saying ‘Actually, he didn’t’.

Check out the audio below as Maller responded early Thursday morning to Morris’ tweet, saying this might be a bigger deal than we think if Morris is having to literally acknowelge it on Twitter and deny Maller's allegations.

Ben Maller: Rich Paul Sabotaged Marcus Morris' Clippers Deal to Help LeBron

Here's the clip from Wednesday's show.

Did Rich Paul and LeBron Sabotage Marcus Morris' Deal With the Clippers?