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Colin Cowherd Compares NFL Quarterbacks to Hollywood Actors and Actresses

Is Eli Manning the Will Smith of NFL Quarterbacks?

Colin Cowherd Compares NFL Quarterback to Hollywood Actors and Actresses

Tom Brady: Tom Hanks – “Best ever at their profession but have rarely been the ‘IT’ guy over a one or two year period.”

Aaron Rodgers: George Clooney – “Talented and really good looking, but getting a little arrogant with not much success lately.”

Cam Newton: Ben Affleck – “Great highs, ugly lows. Cam wins the MVP and Ben does ‘The Town’, then Cam has a season completing 53% of his passes while Ben does ‘Gigli.’

Philip Rivers: Tom Cruise – “A little crazy, both have been really good for a long time, but Rivers hasn’t won a Super Bowl and Cruise hasn’t won an Oscar.”

Drew Brees: Meryl Streep – “Been good forever, and probably the most respected and liked people in their profession.”

Dak Prescott: Chris Evans – “Fine when surrounded by superheroes, but not very valuable on his own.”

Andrew Luck: Daniel Day-Lewis – “Super smart and talented, but not a very good interview and don’t really draw ratings.”

Patrick Mahomes: Rami Malek – “Malek won an Oscar in the first movie we saw him in, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, and Mahomes was an MVP the first season we saw him as a starter.”

Ben Roethlisberger: Russell Crowe – “Big, feisty, tough, and have had some real issues getting along with people.”

Baker Mayfield: Jennifer Lawrence – “Young and talented but you read things about their attitude and have my questions about their leadership skills!”

Kirk Cousins: Johnny Depp – “Paid like a star, but I never go to any of Depp’s movies.”

Marcus Mariota: Buster Keaton – “Neither of them talk. The late Buster Keaton was a silent movie star… Kind of a bad joke.”

Russell Wilson: Chris Pratt – “A little stocky, very convicted with their religion, part of an assemble cast, but now are both are leaders of their respective teams.”

Deshaun Watson: Chadwick Boseman – “Both emerging as stars, but haven’t won anything yet, but we are pretty sure they will.”

Eli Manning: Will Smith – “Used to be great but now it’s getting a little sad.”

Joe Flacco: ‘Wilson’ the volleyball from Castaway – “No personality and a constant blank stare.”

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