Colin Cowherd Says the Dallas Cowboys Don't Need Ezekiel Elliott

NFL Pro Bowl
Colin Cowherd: “Trade Zeke, I know he’s great but the NFL is all about trading very good players when they’re still good. He’s not as valuable to the Cowboys as you think. Nobody is loading the box up for Zeke. You know why Zeke is a great running back? Because he’s talented and because of the Cowboys’ offensive line. Can we acknowledge Dallas has had the best offensive line in the NFL in Zeke’s first three seasons?"

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the Dallas Cowboys should trade superstar running back Ezekiel Elliott despite the fact the three-year veteran has already led the league in rushing twice.

Colin alludes to a recent NFL Next Gen stat that pointed out that Elliott’s presence in the passing game, i.e. forcing defenses to load the box for his runs and in-turn opening up the field for quarterback Dak Prescott, is actually not based in reality. The revolutionary statistic showed evidence that Elliott’s presence in the backfield does not draw any more loaded boxes than the average running back.

Colin also says we always forget to mention the role offensive lines play in the success of Pro Bowl running backs, and says the Cowboys have literally had the best offensive line in the league during Zeke’s three years, and would make even the most marginally talented pro back look good running behind them.

Check out the audio below as Colin continues with his argument that Dallas needs to dump Zeke while he still has immense value.

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