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Audio That Led To Tyreek Hill's Allegations Must Have Been Out of Context

Tyreek Hill's Leaked Audio May Have Been Taken Out of Context

In what seemed like an open and shut case and possibly a further dismantling of Kansas City's offense, Tyreek Hill caught fire when audio leaks connected him to child abuse allegations. It was just another dark cloud to follow a team that had lost their running back in Kareem Hunt after disturbing video showed him violently attacking a woman at a hotel. Today, Tyreek Hill stands cleared of the allegations with the following statement:

"The last few months have been very difficult for me, especially as a father. The false allegations originally reported in March were highly publicized and involved the care of my son. I am grateful for so many things and grateful for so many people who have supported me during this challenging time. I fully respect and accept the NFL's decision."

Doug Gottlieb (in the audio above) talks about how Tyreek Hill's checkered past may have made us all jump to conclusions about the star wide receiver to the point where we were ready for blood when we heard the allegations as well as the audiotape. Today it seems we may have taken the audio out of context. As Hill is free to resume NFL activities, we must assume the innocence of Hill. It'd be far too risky of the NFL to look the other way in this situation.

Doug Gottlieb: In this particular case, whatever's in the full context of the audio and the recorded conversation, while it may not completely expunge Tyreek Hill of any sort of wrongdoing, it appears it's not as damaging as we were led to believe. There's a lot more context to it; There's a lot more in that conversation. And Twitter doesn't rule the world: Twitter is not gonna be happy; Social Media is not gonna be happy. But if you think that Roger Goodell and the NFL, who have been knee-jerk in their protection of their shield especially in their nationwide/worldwide fight to protect women against the violence from men...if you think that because Tyreek Hill's speed and prodigious athletic ablity, that's why he's on the field? I gotta tell ya that I don't see it that way. My guess would be, there is NOTHING there. Otherwise, there's NO CHANCE the NFL would do this. It's too risky.