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Is LeBron James Secretly Leading Nike's Countersuit Against Kawhi Leonard?

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Ben Maller: “Kawhi Leonard is not just a basketball superstar, he represents a gigantic mistake and a huge embarrassment for Nike. He’s provided a lot of Nike executives with big ulcers since he’s the one that ‘got away’ when he was under the Nike umbrella with Jordan. That’s why I think there is something more devious in play here. I think Rich Paul and LeBron James are encouraging this counter lawsuit. Why? VENGEANCE. Lebron and the Lakers bent over backwards to sign Kawhi and Kawhi said ‘SCREW YOU’. LeBron has lots disdain and bitterness and revenge is best served with court papers."

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks there’s more that meets the eye when it comes to Kawhi Leonard’s ongoing legal battle with sports apparel leviathan Nike, as the two go to blows over who truly has ownership of Leonard’s new ‘Klaw’ logo that features Kawhi’s hand with the initials ‘K’ and ‘L’ creatively silhouetted in a mural that now represents Leonard's brand.

Logo slugfests have historically been some of the bloodiest and most drawn out tug of wars in law, but Maller believes personal vendettas are the true culprit behind this lawsuit battle, not only from Nike's perspective to pay back Kawhi for leaving Jordan Brand for New Balance, but also from another party...

Maller thinks LEBRON JAMES is influencing some of Nike’s legal directions, and thinks LeBron is trying to maliciously handcuff the same rival that shockingly spurned James' Lakers just a month ago.

Check out the audio below as Maller explains why this countersuit might just be LeBron getting a little revenge.

Is LeBron James Secretly Leading Nike's Countersuit Against Kawhi Leonard?