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Tom Brady Facing Backlash After Cliff Diving Video With 6-Year-Old Daughter

New England Patriots Victory Parade

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is receiving harsh backlash on social media after the six-time Super Bowl champion uploaded a cliff jumping video with his daughter to his official Instagram account.

The video included him and his six-year-old daughter Vivian in bathing suits jumping off a waterfall in Costa Rica, but many are questioning how safe the daring jump really was.

Brady and Vivian are seen on the video holding hands ready to leap with Vivian appearing to hesitate at the last second. She is then yanked down by Brady as the 41-year-old made his leap of faith off the waterfall while still grabbing onto Vivian's hand, who had no choice but to be dragged down with her father.

The young girl goes airborne after being pulled off the cliff and turns sideways in midway before landing awkwardly in the water.

Even some of the top celebrity commenters were a little surprised by the jump, with legendary surfer Kelly Slater joking ‘that shoulder okay?’ regarding Vivian's yanked arm, and former WWE icon The Rock adding ‘You KNOW I have complete faith in you as a man, friend, player, and father – but this gave him anxiety. Geezus.’

The video currently has over 14,000 comments, with the majority of them being people arguing the jump was too aggressive for the young girl, and that the ‘violent yank’ was dangerous and could have resulted in serious injury considering his daughter hit the water at an awful angle from such a height.