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Why Did Ezekiel Elliott & Kareem Hunt Get Suspended and Tyreek Hill Didn't?

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
Clay Travis: “Can anybody make me a case for why Tyreek Hill did not get a single game suspension if you use the precedent of Ezekiel Elliott (six games) and Kareem Hunt (eight games)? Particularly, if you consider Hill isn’t coming here with clean hands and we know this is a guy who engaged in domestic violence before when this same kid was inside his mom’s stomach and he was convicted of choking and punching a pregnant woman. I’m still stunned the NFL didn’t do anything, and not because I’m saying he had to be suspended because he’s guilty, I’m just using the precedent that has previously existed in these cases.”

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he’s shocked Kansas City Chiefs superstar wide receiver Tyreek Hill wasn’t suspended by the National Football League, considering the league has set a recent precedent to suspend players for scandalous off-the-field incidents even though they weren’t legally convicted with any crimes.

Clay points to Cowboys All-Pro running back Ezekiel Elliott receiving a six-game suspension by the NFL during the 2017 season for domestic violence allegations despite the fact no charges were ever filed.

He also points out the more recent case of Kareem Hunt, who was suspended eight games after a video surfaced showing a physical altercation with a woman. Despite never have been arrested, the league suspended the former star rookie half the season.

Check out the audio below as Clay wonders how in the world Hill, who was already thrown off the Oklahoma State football team for allegedly beating and choking his pregnant girlfriend, was able to steer clear of the league’s personal conduct policy.

Why Did Ezekiel Elliott & Kareem Hunt Get Suspended and Tyreek Hill Didn't?