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Colin Cowherd Says the New York Giants Need to Get Rid of Eli Manning ASAP

New York Giants v Washington Redskins
Colin Cowherd: "The Giants USED to be a gold standard franchise. They were an industry leader. Now that's the opposite. The Giants say Eli Manning will start week one and there won't be QB competition. Didn't Russell Wilson win the starting job in camp? Didn't Derek Carr win the job in camp? It's not a competition? You drafted Daniel Jones at #6 and you're not going to let him compete for the job? Just rip the Band-Aid off. It will hurt for a second but the healing begins."

Listen Colin Cowherd blast the New York Giants for already announcing embattled veteran quarterback Eli Manning as their starter for Week 1, despite the team drafting former Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the no. 6 in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Cowherd can’t seem to grasp why a franchise who has finished under .500 in five of the last six seasons is staying so loyal to a 38-year-old quarterback who has gone 8-23 the last two seasons combined.

Colin says it’s time for the Giants to get some guts, and move off the two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback who is still living off the same antiquated reputation from almost a decade ago.

Check out the audio below as Colin explains why it’s a joke that the team has already counted Jones out as a Week 1 starter and said there will be no quarterback 'competition' in camp.

Colin Cowherd Says the New York Giants Need to Get Rid of Eli Manning ASAP