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Rob Parker Says Eli Manning Should Have Retired Years Ago

New England Patriots v New York Giants
Rob Parker: “It’s absolutely ridiculous how much the Giants are living in the past with Eli Manning. I get Eli won two Super Bowls and beat Tom Brady twice –– he’s going to the Hall of Fame –– but you can’t live in the past. Eli is BAD and has been bad for years. Last year he had this ‘bounce back’ year because they were already out of it and he had some games at the end. HE’S FINISHED.”

Listen to Rob Parker join The Herd and explain why the New York Giants need to stop living in the past with beloved two-time Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning, as the team unexpectedly announced Tuesday that Eli will start Week 1 for the team, and that rookie Daniel Jones will not be given the chance to compete in training camp.

Parker explained to Colin Cowherd how he was blown away by this news and doesn’t understand why the Giants refuse to pull the Band-Aid off an eroding veteran who is nearly a decade past his prime.

Check out the audio below as Rob says Eli is legitimately a BAD quarterback at this points, and says if the 49ers can get rid of Joe Montana, the Packers can get rid of Brett Favre, and if the Colts can get rid of Peyton Manning, then the Giants can certainly rid themselves of Eli.

Rob Parker Says Eli Manning Should Have Retired Years Ago