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Tulsi Gabbard Says 'Identity Politics' Are Tearing the United States Apart

Tulsi Gabbard: “The identity politics that we are seeing continue to be used by people in both parties is escalating. It’s really dangerous because it’s dividing our country and dividing people whether it’s based on race, ethnicity, religion, or orientation… Politicians are playing these identity politics cards, not because they care about the problems that folks are experiencing in their lives, but really to say ‘hey vote for me because I’m this, or we share the same label and those guys with THAT label are the bad guys’. These are all political ploys and such a disservice to the American people. It goes against the principal values that our country was founded on… We need to recognize our unity rather than to further divide and tear our country apart.”

Presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) joined Fox Sports Radio’s Outkick The Coverage With Clay Travis Tuesday talking about a wide variety of sports and political topics (including blasting Kamala Harris), but one of Gabbard’s notable takes involved the United States’ toxic relationship with identity politics.

‘Identity politics’ isn’t a new term by any means, but the last few years it’s become the most potent campaign strategies imaginable, with candidates using biological and spiritual pandering for electoral gain.

Gabbard says politicians are lazily playing identity politic cards as a cheap tactic to gain the attention of a particular demographic, without actually showing any real attention or remorse to the problems those groups are experiencing.

Gabbard says it greatly divides and tears the country apart when you have lines drawn in the sand all over society that dictates which way different races, ethnicities, religions, and orientations vote, no matter who the candidate is or what their actual platform may be.

Check out the segment below as Gabbard tells Clay Travis that identity politics goes against all of the principal values that the United States was founded on, says it's real consequence is profound societal division.

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Tulsi Gabbard Says 'Identity Politics' Are Tearing the United States Apart