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Why the Cleveland Browns Should Be Worried About Odell Beckham Jr

New York Giants v Cleveland Browns
Rob Parker: “’Disrespected??’ They gave you the highest contract of any wide receiver! Was that disrespect?? C’mon! If I’m a Cleveland Browns fan, I’m not feeling good about this. It’s obvious he still hasn’t gotten over New York and doesn’t wanna be in Cleveland. The quarterback situation may be better in Cleveland, but the whole idea of living in Cleveland and not being in New York anymore is starting to sink in. He sounded like a scorned lover.”

Listen to Rob Parker join The Herd discussing Odell Beckham Jr.’s somewhat bizarre recent interview with GQ Magazine that was brutally honest about a wide array of topics that didn’t really help in tamping down a lot of the drama that Beckham has infamously carried with himself as a pro football player.

Beckham says he felt ‘disrespected’ by the New York Giants trading the superstar wide receiver in March, and threw his former team under the bus by saying he was the only reason they were staying relevant around the league and still getting primetime games despite their awful record.

Parker wonders how a team who made Beckham Jr. the league’s highest paid wide out in August of 2018 can ‘disrespect’ the guy.

Parker says it seems like Beckham went out of his way to get this interview published on the heels of training camp, and seems like a scorned lover still begging for attention from his former partner.

Check out the audio below as Rob tells Colin Cowherd that OBJ still hasn’t gotten over New York and it’s just starting to set in that he doesn’t want to be living in Cleveland anymore.

Why the Cleveland Browns Should Be Worried About Odell Beckham Jr