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Colin Cowherd Lists His Five Greatest Teams in NFL History

Leon Lett

Colin Cowherd Lists His Top Five Greatest Teams in NFL History (in chronical order).

1978 Pittsburgh Steelers: “They had had seven Pro Bowlers on defense and overwhelmed teams. Terry Bradshaw was a star, they had the best offensive line, best defensive line, and had Lynn Swann and John Stallworth.”

1985 Chicago Bears: “They looked like Mike Tyson early in his career, teams were AFRAID of them. They won 15 games by double digits including the playoffs. In the playoffs they shut out the Giants and the Rams and then gave up 10 to the Patriots in the Super Bowl.”

1992 Dallas Cowboys: “Had arguably the best offensive and defensive line, had Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and arguably the best coach in Jimmy Johnson. They won 12 games of their 16 regular season games by double-digits and this is when the NFC had all sorts of good teams.”

2007 New England Patriots: “Outscored opponents by 315 points!!! Not even Alabama can do that. They crushed everybody except the Eagles and Ravens in the regular season and lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl."

2013 Seattle Seahawks: “Held the no. 1 scoring offense in NFL history to eight points in the Super Bowl and literally overwhelmed Peyton Manning. They won seven games by over 20 points, including a 35-point win in the Super Bowl. They allowed one team 400 yards on offense all year."

Check out the full video below for the FULL analysis as Colin explains why he didn't rank any San Francisco 49ers teams.