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Kawhi Leonard Says He Has Wanted to Play With Paul George His Entire Career

Los Angeles Clippers Introduce Kawhi Leonard & Paul George
Kawhi Leonard: “We’ve got a great future. Paul George was always a player that I wanted to play with. When I got drafted to the Pacers I was like ‘they already got a two-way player pretty much’, but as our careers moved forward I’ve see how he’s developed and I wonder what would have happened if we had both stayed in Indiana. But now were here in LA together and I think we have something special. We can make history here and have the right people to do it.”

Kawhi Leonard had his introductory press conference with the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday, thanking the city of Toronto, saying the Clippers are the city’s best basketball team, and also talked about how he’s always wanted to play with fellow newly acquired Clippers superstar Paul George.

The game’s best two-way players are both Los Angeles natives who are just one year apart. Leonard mentioned being drafted by the Pacers in 2011 and says he wonders what would have happened if Indiana had never traded him to San Antonio in the now-infamous George Hill deal. Leonard said he has long followed George’s career with the Pacers and Thunder and has always wanted to play alongside the six-time All-Star.

Kawhi said him and PG-13 can ‘make history together’ and said something special is brewing on the Clippers.