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Report: Zion Williamson Passed On Bigger Deal From Anta to Sign With Jordan

Memphis Grizzlies v New Orleans Pelicans
Dan Patrick: “How close did this come to Zion Williamson NOT going to Nike?”
Darren Rovell: “I don’t think Adidas with Harden thought they had money to spend with his ridiculous deal, and Under Armour is looking to undue deals because they just don’t have the money. So, those guys were pretty much OUT. Puma was in the game, but I heard the most legitimate offer was actually from a Chinese company ‘Anta’ and those guys were basically willing to give him more money and the keys to their entire organization."

Sports business analyst for The Action Network Darren Rovell joined The Dan Patrick Show Wednesday to discuss how we got to Zion Williamson signing a five-year deal with Jordan Brand worth $75 million.

Rovell says Adidas and Under Armour were surprisingly out of the mix having already been bogged down with current deals, and the biggest offer Zion was looking at was actually from the Chinese company ‘Anta’ who sponsors current NBA stars Klay Thompson, Gordon Hayward, Rajon Rondo, and formerly Kevin Garnett, Chandler Parsons, and Luis Scola.

Check out the full interview below as Rovell also talks about what other companies have Zion in their crosshairs.