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Rob Parker Says Tom Brady is 'Washed Up'

Tom Brady and wife Gisele at the Met Gala in New York City.
Rob Parker: “Tom Brady looks like a 41-year-old quarterback who has fallen off a cliff and we just saw it with him and his daughter! He was so terrible in the Super Bowl that they couldn’t even give him the MVP! Rodgers also didn’t have the support of the Patriots with cheating. Imagine if Rodgers was playing and they were giving the defensive signals to him? Brady can’t throw the ball down the field anymore and just flips the ball out to running backs now and gets credit with 30 yard passes. It’s not even close between Rodgers and Brady. Rodgers is head and shoulders better.”

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is overrated and washed up after The Athletic released a list of quarterback rankings that put Aaron Rodgers ahead of Brady, despite Brady having just won a Super Bowl and Rodgers having just gotten his coach fired after a nightmare 6-9-1.

Rob says Brady has turned into a ‘Dink and Dunk’ specialist who can’t make the same elite throws Rodgers makes, and says Brady has ‘fallen off a cliff’ physically going into his 20th season.

Check out the audio and video below as Rob continues his ranting assaults against members of the New England Patriots.

Rob Parker Says Tom Brady is 'Washed Up'